Hello January,

I would like to say thank you all for the generous amount of donations and support we have received through this pandemic. The residents have received many cards and letters from our Anamosa community. Please know each card and letter brightens their day! This year we were unable to have our annual Christmas party with resident families, but we made sure the residents had a great Christmas. The residents had so much fun with activities this past month. We tried the deer hunting game and they had a blast shooting the employees with nerf guns.

This month we are creating and sending thank you cards to the police officers for National Law Enforcement Day on January 9th. We also celebrate and reminisce the 1940's with discussions, bingo, and games throughout the month. The residents will be starting to pen pal with other buildings around the world. 

Thank you,

Brooke Etten

Recreational Program Director



The residents had a great time with the nerf guns and had a blast getting each other with them! They asked when we get to do it again! It is on the calendar for this month!