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Just A Reminder PLEASE REMEMBER TO MARK ALL NEW CLOTHES AND SHOES WITH THE RESIDENTS FIRST INITIAL AND FULL LAST NAME! Thank You! ATTENTION VISITORS/FAMILIES If you are having any signs/symptoms of the flu we are asking that you do not visit your loved one until you are well. We...
Everyone having fun with the photo booth be had for our St Patrick’s Day Scavenger Hunt!! Our Pub Crawl for the residents was a blast! All of the residents had a great time! We had all kinds of different drinks, snacks, and green & blue flu shots!
Brooke Etten When did you start working for the Anamosa Care Center? November 27, 2018 Where do you live (town)? How long have you lived there? I grew up in Prairieburg, Iowa and then moved to Anamosa in 2014. Where did you graduate from high school? College? Year you became...
April Birthday's 4-10 Delores Gloyer The residents and staff having a great time at our resident pub crawl! We had all kinds of goodies!
4-4 Harold white 4-5 Helen Gerst 4-14 Eldon Gillmore 4-24 Carron Bungum 4-25 Doris Fulwider

New residents

4-13 April Valentine 4-21 Madeline McGovern 4-22 Deb Pearson 4-25 Caitlyn Cruise 4-30 Jamie Behnke
4-28-11 Isabelle Jacobsen 4-28-16 Tim Gibbs 4-13-18 Kasie Mefford
Shawndella Holmes RCT Mikayla Kasey RCT Nathalia Franco LPN
*All the residents that help fold laundry; fold newsletters; and labeled the newsletter; sat and visit with other residents; and helped with special activity projects. *Jan Allaire, Wilma Anderson, Galen Lehr, Carol , Carol Pate for helping with Friday Bingo / Happy Hour *Jan Koppenhaver, Karen Biere, Carol Pate and...
4-7 Heartland Band 3:00pm 4-4 Golden Days Entertainment 2:00pm 4-10 St Pat's Service 2:15pm 4-17 Resident Council 2:00pm 4-18 Dave Wirtz 6:00pm 4-23 Dave Marshall 2:00pm