Annual Friends and Family Christmas Party Just a reminder we invite friends and families of our residents to come celebrate with us at our annual Friends and Family Christmas Party. December 7, 2018 5:00 p.m. Thank you, Casi Strube Administrator Anamosa Care Center 319-462-4356
*All the residents that helped fold laundry; fold newsletters; and labeled the newsletter; sat and visit with other residents; and helped with special activity projects. *Jan Allaire, Wilma Anderson, Galen Lehr, Carol , Carol Pate for helping with Friday Bingo / Happy Hour *Jan Koppenhaver, Karen Biere, Carol Pate and...
12/6 Ali Braden 12/8 Charlotte Niederhauser 12/14 Jeanie Jensen 12/15 Kris Parmenter 12/16 Pam Kula 12/16 Susan Walker 12/18 Falicia Vega 12/21 Matt Wirth 12/29 Nancy Breashears
12/11/89 Kris Parmenter 12/4/07 Tonya Woods 12/20/15 Janice Hartwig 12/22/15 Casi Strube 12/16/16 Micah Cunningham 12/19/17 Brookelyn Keating
Traci Clark D.O.N Courtney Sauer RN Samantha Hoyt RCT Meagan Card Dietary Aide Nicole Hande Dietary Aide Crystal Kayer RCT
Delores Gloyer Colleen Wheeler
12/15 Marjorie Nearmyer 12/15 Louie Wink 12/24 Dorothy Gray
The residents dressed up for Halloween and they got to pass out candy to all the kids that stopped by the Care Center! The residents were loving all the kids that came through on Halloween. All the kids looked adorable in their costumes!
Jobi enjoying coffee time with the residents. Jobi was dressed up as a troll for Halloween! The residents got a good laugh! The residents enjoying coffee talk! The residents made some goodies for the Tate Little benefit! The residents having a great time passing candy out to all the kids...
Just A Reminder Pleases remember to mark all new clothes and shoes with the resident’s first initial and full last-named. Thank you! ATTENTION VISITORS/FAMILIES If you are having any signs/symptoms of the flu we are asking that you do not visit your loved one until you are well. We are...
12/7 Christmas Tree Walk 2pm at the LCC 12/7 Christmas Party 5-7pm 12/19 Resident Council 2pm .