Happy February,

January has flown by and we are ready for what February has to bring. We have a pretty busy month ahead of us starting off with Groundhog Day to see if spring is around the corner! The residents are still in their rooms, we are hoping that here soon we have have group activities again, but in the mean time we are doing them one on one!

For the weeks coming up to Valentines we have quite the activities in store like making heart pillows and Candygrams to hand out the following week. Then on Valentines Day we will vote for the King and Queen again stay tuned to Facebook to see the winners.

This month is also Heart Awareness Month and the residents will be going over the importance of heart disease as well has heart attacks. We will also go over ways to keep out bodies healthy and strong!


To the end of the month the residents will celebrate Presidents Day with a documentary as well as lots of bingo to make up for the couple weeks that we have missed, I know that the residents were a little sad to be missing out on their favorite activity! I hope everyone will enjoy February as much as we wi


Hailee Adams

Recreation Program Director