January 7th the residents and staff received their first Covid-19 Vaccine! Judy Askew wanted to be the first in line for the vaccine and she was our first one! We will be receiving the 2nd dose January 28th. The residents made no sew jackets for their hand sanitizers. It starts...
Law enforcement appreciation day was January 9th. Our Woodland Park tenants made thank you cards which we delivered on January 8th along with some cupcakes to the Anamosa Police Department. The ladies of Woodland Park made some pearl necklaces after shucking some oysters!
At Anamosa Care Center & Woodland Park Assisted Living, we are blessed with a compassionate team of hardworking individuals who care for our residents & tenants. Now, more than ever, we want to provide a way to share encouragement with them as they continue working the front lines of the...

Valentine's Day King & Queen

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Marie Ganoe- February 4th Brooke Etten- February 7th Liz Stejskal- February 10th Kelsi Bates- February 14th Dawn Price- February 18th
Ashley Pearson- 2/21/14 Amelia Matthess- 2/5/20 Audrey Thomas- 2/17/20 Nancy Courbat- 2/25/20