Nancy Smalley

1. Name and job title

Nancy Smalley/Woodland Park Assistant Living


2. When did you start working for the Anamosa Care Center?  March, 2016

Where do you live (town)? How long have you lived there?  Anamosa, Iowa 34 years


3. Where did you graduate from high school? College? Year you became licensed for your job? (answer any or all if applicable)  Maquoketa Community High School, 1979 and then went to Clinton Community College the first time I received my CAN certification in 1978 and then again in 2016. I worked at the Rainbow Daycare for almost 30 years, until the school in town closed us down. I took a year off wanted to find a new job in town and ACC was hiring so I thought why not!


4. Tell us about your family, My husband David and I celebrated our 39th anniversary this past May. We have 2 children. Jennifer is married to Robert and they have 3 children. Lane is 17, Gracie 12 and Anthony is 10. They live near Lost Nation Iowa on their farm. Allen is getting married to Shalynn this August, and their children are Jack and Max. They live in Dubuque, Iowa.


5. What is one goal you have for your career? To do as much for my Woodland Park resident. To make them happy and comfortable for the next few years and then maybe retire in a few years, that way I can keep up with my gardening and still can support the Senior Center with vegetables in the summer, like I have for the past few years.


6. Why do you love your job? I love working with my residents and listening to all their stories and how they grew up. Their life histories are amazing. I didn’t have grandparents growing up, so I consider everyone the grandparents I didn’t have. Love them all.

 Susan Walker

1. Name and job title

Susan Walker/Dietary Manager

2. When Did you start working at the Anamosa Care Center?

July, 2015

3. Where do you live (town)? How long have  you lived there?

Anamosa most of my life. Lived in Clearlake/Mason City for 12 years.

4. Where did you graduate from high school? College? Year you became licensed for your job? (Any or all if applicable)

*Anamosa high school

*Hamilton Business College

+Kirkwood-Food service

5. Tell us about your family?

I have 2 sisters and 1 niece and 4 nephews. Lots of cousins, aunts and uncles. I also have 3 dogs, Hayden, Matilda and Maggie. I have 2 cats Ellie and Bubba and 1 turtle Bodee.

6. What is 1 goal you have for your career?

To continue to better myself while helping others.

7. Why do you love your job?

Each day is something new, never the same. Getting to assist and help the residents, making them happy. I also learned a lot from them. I also work with my aunt Jan daily!