Activity in Action

Hello everyone! Hope you had a spectacular May; we are saying goodbye to the rain and hello to summer! We had a fun month of May. We celebrated Nursing Home Week, we painted, planted flowers, had a water balloon fight, and then we finished the week off with a picnic! I’m sure everyone was exhausted after that week.

This month we will be celebrating Father’s Day on the Saturday before Father’s Day with a Cookout! We will also be trying out dancercise this month just another way to keep our bodies moving and have a little fun! I hope we will be able to do more activities outside now that we are getting those rain showers out of the way, and it is starting to warm up a bit!

On June 16th we will begin CNA Week with the staff and the residents. The residents will be making cards for each of our amazing CNA’s that work here at our Care Center. Claire and I are planning a fun filled week for them! We can’t thank our staff enough for all the hard work they do here for our residents!

At the end of the month, we will be enjoying some sweet treats! They will be having a milkshake for Nation Milkshake Day as well as homemade ice cream! We will also be saying goodbye to Father Nick form our Catholic Services as he will be moving to another parish, and we will welcome our new priest the following month!

Have a great month!

Hailee Adams

Activity Director