Activities in Action

Hello, my lovely lads and lassies!

We have made it to March! I hope everyone had a splendid Valentine’s Day. We were able to spread some love even with the nice addition of the VERY loud vacuuming during the party. We are hoping that there will be no construction going on for our St. Patrick’s Party this month.

It looks like this will be our last spring forward and in November it will be the last time we change our clocks! I for one will be excited to not lose an hour of sleep! So, make sure on March 12th you change your clocks forward one hour!

Guess what is finally coming back? HAPPY HOUR! I have a couple days this month that we will be doing happy hour in the afternoon! So, make sure you look at your calendar, so you don’t miss out. We will also be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day one day sooner. It will be on the 16th instead of the 17th I will make sure to remind you guys!

I am looking forward to the first day of spring. I hope that means no more snow for the year, but it is also Iowa so I am sure we will see some more flurries before spring is over! I have Todd Hagen the accordion player and singer coming back to the Care Center at the end of the month! He did such a good job the last time he was here so we will be happy for him to come back!

May your troubles be less, and your blessings be more and nothing but happiness come through your door!