Sunshine and warmer weather!  What a beautiful change we have enjoyed in the weather!

This year has been one of many changes and struggles and with the new season is coming we have had some changes here at the Anamosa Care Center.  We are pleased to have opened 30 minute scheduled visits with our resident and their family members.  The smiles are so wonderful to see!  We have also had an increase in window visits with the warmer weather.  Smiles, waves and stories of all the pets and family members that they are seeing is so uplifting.  Residents are out of their rooms more and sharing all their stories.

We really appreciate the patience that all the families have had in the past year.  All of the support and kind thoughts from the community and family members has made the time easier for all.  The schools have been great with posters, letters, pen pals, and pictures for everyone to hang on their doors.  Church groups and families have had meals delivered; treats and goodies have been dropped off for the staff and residents and everything has been enjoyed! 

We are still practicing safety by wearing our masks and washing hands and keeping to the social distancing as much as possible.   Our family at the Anamosa Care Center is hoping with the positive changes that have started there will be more in the future.  We continue to work to keep everyone safe and healthy as that is our main goal.  I know it seems like this pandemic will never some to an end but we are beginning to see some light at the end of a very long tunnel.  Hang in there with us and while it might take awhile longer, we are moving on with smiles and positive thoughts for ALL!