Every Monday we get visits from Camp Courageous Therapy dog Diamond! The residents enjoy seeing her and being able to snuggle up to her! 

  Lady petting the dog  Resident petting the dog  Lady Resident holding the dog


Thank you Zene for doing these amazing flowers with the residents. They enjoyed making them and had a great time!

  Residents painting  Lady painting a picture  Flower Paintings  Resident painting a flower


Our float we had for the pumpkin feast! Our theme was Golden Girls! Brooke, Jobi, Liz, and Jessica were the characters!  Such a fun day!

  Pumpkin Feast Float  Thank You sign  Side of the Float   Ladies riding in the float


Vikki helping with the signs for our float!

  Vikki drawing on the signs


The residents filling up all the candy buckets for the parade!

 Residents filling the candy buckets  Residents filling the pumpkins with candy  Residents smiling


The residents painted pumpkins for Halloween! They all did an amazing job! One of the residents wanted to make a pumpkin for Tate Little! 

 Pumpkin painting  Three residents painting pumpkins   Table of residents painting

  Table of painted pumpkins  Resident with her pink pumpkin  White painted pumpkin

  Black and yellow painted pumpkin  Black face painted on a pumpkin  Hawkeye logo painted pumpkin

  Blue and white painted pumpkin  Pink painted Hope pumpkin