Donate in stone

Resident Bingo is a huge activity at the Care Center. It’s every Friday in the afternoon in the dinning area.

This activity is funded by donations.  The activity department is asking for doantions with this activity. There is a donation jar by the front office for monetary donations.  We would also accept new or used jewelry, new socks, knick-knacks, crossword puzzle books/word searches, new deodorant, new toothbrushes, and other items residents would like.

We could also use volunteers to come in and help some of the resident play the game. If you are able to participate or donate, please contact Brooke Etten Recreation Program Director.

Thank you!



  Trick or Treat

Wednesday October 31st the residents will be handing out candy to the trick or treaters from 4:30-5:30. Be sure to bring the kids in dressed up in their costumes and treat bags to gather some goodies!


Just A Reminder

Pleases remember to mark all new clothes and shoes with the resident’s first initial and full last-named. Thank you!